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GC Events

Girl Connected Events includes but is not limited to workshops, speaking engagements, industry and influencer roundtables, discussion panels, and mentorship sessions.


These events provide aspirational women with advice & guidance on how to overcome challenges and where to direct their attention when it comes to achieving their dreams and attaining success in the music, entertainment and arts industries. 


Selected guest speakers and event contributors engage our audiences, sharing their insights on how to build influence, exert power and create positive culture.

A Conversation with Pros

A virtual 1-on-1 conversation with an industry expert that engages a global audience.


These raw and unfiltered conversations provide resources, tools and lived experience as an opportunity for our Girl Connected (Global) Community to learn from industry professionals.


Each conversation offers insight on the multi-faceted careers, challenges and opportunities in the entertainment industry while examining the intricate role of women in a
male dominated industry.

Conversation W

Connected Conversations

GC Connected Conversations are composed of 2-4 industry moguls as panelists, joining Lola Plaku as moderator for public facing discussion panels.


These conversations draw together a live audience of the Girl Connected (Global) community, aspiring industry entrepreneurs, media, artists, GC mentees and alumni and more in a forum for advice, questions and carefully curated topics.

Connected Conversations


GC Lives come to life on select social platforms with special guests and influencers within the music space and beyond to take on themes in live conversation such as brand building, fashion, culture, body positivity, self love and personal growth.

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